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FGM’S attorneys excel in Trademark protection. Corporations and business entities have benefited from FGM’s lawyers aggressive protection of their Trademarks. Business partners who actually contributed value to Trademarks/Service marks have been able to defeat liquidation litigation seeking 50/50 splits due to the excellent trial skills of our Intellectual Property Trial Lawyers.

FGM handles all phases of Trademark Law. Such as:

Trademark/Service mark Due Diligence

FGM’s expert Due Diligence will provide up front protection for our corporate clients in the selection of the client's new Trademarks/Servicemarks.

We will conduct an exhaustive investigation into the "Intent to Use" Trademark/Servicemark that our client wish to use in commerce.

If the Due Diligence Investigation establishes registration and use issues under the Madrid Protocal, our retained marketing and business development professionals will work with our clients to secure the Trademark/Servicemark that can be lauched into commerce or registered under the Madrid Protocal.

Trademark/Servicemark Infringement Protection

Our Trademark litigators vigourously protect our clients against infringers and those corporations that attempt to prosecute infringment claims against our clients.

Our attorneys will litigate within the USPTO,WIPO,the UK Courts,the Courts in Ireland,the International Court of Arbitration in France,the Courts in India,the State and Federal Courts in the USA.


FGM lawyers will work with our clients to establish the company's Trade Dress portfolio. Once the Trade Dress is launched in commerce we will police commercial sectors for infringers and implement swift and extensive litigation against theft.

Trade Dress Development

Our clients appreciate the full scope of Trade Dress Development services wey offer. Trade Dress Development if poorly executed can develop into costly mistakes.

Our lawyers will conduct an extensive Due Diligence into the Trade Dress investigation into the client's specimens.

If the client needs specimen development our retained business developers will work with them to create market based specimens that will comport with infringement Due Diligence investigations.

Trade Dress Protection

FGM will agressively stamp out infringements or "knock offs" of our client's Trade Dress. We will not tolerate "poachers" trying to short circuit the expense and time of market development by copying our client's Trade Dress

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